Rock of Ages II


Can you recall the simple game with the title The Ball where you had to roll the ball and solve different puzzles? Unlike The Ball, Rock of Ages is more engaging when it comes to the story quests, locations and funnier. And also you can play with friends online or via the Split Screen mode. The gaming process of RoA is a sort of the “lovechild” between The Ball’s continuous rolling mechanic and an average tower defense with building stronghold. There is also an element of a real-time strategy with turns for each opponent. It means you have some time to make up your mind – each match lasts only 3 minutes. Every map, despite their picturesque landscapes, is basically a long corridor hanging in the air or in the outer space. Don’t expect to finish the round successfully from the first try. Even the strongest boulder with minimum obstacles on the map will have to try 2-3 times before gaining the victory.

Many Steam players compare the game with bowling because you will have to smash if not pins but different objects – from small animals and puppets to floating balloons with cannons. The voiceover is really funny but can be annoying if you listen to it over and over again. It may be a great idea to turn the game sounds off. The level design is great in most cases but still some fan maps are more interesting than official ones.

What RoA lacks is more maps and variety of mechanics in different modes. However, the engaging gameplay and very attractive visual style make this project really addictive both in the single player and multiplayer modes. Besides, where else you would be able to smash Leonardo da Vinci’s face with a massive rock?


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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