Rock of Ages 3


Even the best of the best games have an army of haters. If you go to find new Rock of Ages 3 on Steam, you will surely see more than a few negative reviews, as well as the ton of positive ones. It is normal and the truth about the title, as usually lies, somewhere in between. Yes, the sequel has its issues like short storyline, not enough open maps and repetitive gags. But it also offers a bunch of really fresh and even mad ideas that hardcore gamers surely find attractive and interesting to explore.

Firstly, everything became faster. It is getting harder and harder to avoid the obstacles and at the same time reach the goal. From the first seconds you gain so much speed that it doesn’t matter if you crush through 2-4 layers of walls, you will barely notice it, except animals, they will definitely stop you.  Keep in mind that if you have 100% or 45% of health points, you will still crush through almost everything. Secondly, in the sequel different boulders have different statistics and the time limits for buildings – a very much appreciated novelty. There are also special effects for each rock like a double jump or making the ground under it temporarily unbuildable. Units are more diverse and not just basic upgrades of the same basic types. The nearly unusable catapult from the castle (the first part of RoA) has been replaced with a farther reaching lightning bolt.

Thirdly, the visual style became even more interesting. At the first sight, Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder uses the primitive flat animation technique where all elements seems like paper cutouts (particularly from the famous pictures of different historic ages described in the game) that were separated and right now are moving separately from each other. The cutscenes right now completely remind the famous animations from the British sketch show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Just imagine how awesome sticky cows and angry gods are looking with this type of animation. And, one more thing – in the end of the major storyline you can play the table soccer with The God himself!


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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