Rock of Ages 2018


The end of summer in 2018 was highly expected by the fans of the parody RTS game Rock of Ages because of the release of its sequel. It is challenging to explain in a few words what is Rock of Ages because any description just doesn’t seem enough. There are a few elements from the classic genre of tower defense, competitive modes with the old school coop and modern variety of multiplayer. According to the developers, gamers should expect the increasing level of madness, more interesting and larger maps for exploring, more units and objects to interact with and the same outstanding visual art style that is commonly compared to the works by Terry Gilliam.

The most important change comes in the online modes. From now on you can call all your friends and play in the cooperative or multiplayer modes. Coop is limited by 2 players, competitive online modes can vary between 2 vs 2 players or 4 players on the same map (a local analog of the deathmatch). Also, one of the new features in Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder is that the tracks of both players in the 2 vs 2 match from now can cross, so you will be able to throw the ball of an opponent with your rock, if be smart enough to calculate such collision. The hardcore fans of the project should expect the innovated system of resources. It means that a player must also protect the points of resources in addition to his tower with gates. Physics has also got better due to the use of Unreal Engine 4 with the improved physics of interaction and destruction of the environment. And, obviously, the game promises to be even more hilarious and full of satire.

How to get used to RoA 2, if you have not played the first game? According to the most user reviews, you are to stop finding logics and sense in this project and simply embrace its madness. RoA may seem like a tower defense but, in fact, it is just a small funny game where you can roll the people over with an enormous boulder and one of the bosses is the Devil’s ass (literally).


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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