Rock of Ages 2017


Let’s talk about the most serious part of the funny strategy Rock of Ages 2017 – its gaming process. In order to beat the game successfully, you won’t do without a few useful tips.

At first, the game may seem very simple. During the first missions you will get an advantage – the spawn time for your opponent’s boulder is really low and in general, he starts rolling a few seconds later than you do. But then the situation changes not in your favor and a sort of a freak show begins. The banal puzzle of rolling the ball without dropping it into the abyss is replaced by the mad race with hairpin turns, horrible animals across your path, and a number of other weird obstacles that surely are cracking under the ball’s weight but still make it lose some speed. The most challenging point in a whole match is near the gates when you need to roll back and speed up again. It is possible to lose the match like 3 times during this moment.

In order to simply your point of view during the fast race, look at the small mirror located in the upper right corner – you will see the ball of your opponent. Another tip is to strengthen your rock as much as your budget allows. You can equip it with additional armor, make it flying or flaming. But you can do this only once per match, so choose this boost very wisely. Otherwise, you can destroy the opponent’s boulder. The standard rock consists of two layers – the first one, that is thicker, is possible to fall off. Just place the mines along its path and the pieces of the first layer will eventually fall off one by one. If you are lucky enough, in the end it will turn into a lame piece of rock that can’t destruct your gates. Look for the hidden nooks and ways round, jump over abysses and small towers in order to shorten your path and avoid the evil traps of the other player.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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