Rock of Ages 2


This indie project is, foremost, a turn-based strategy in real time. During each turn, the player must control a large round boulder that rolls to the enemy’s citadel. Another player during this time must build various fortifications and structures to prevent the destruction of his stronghold, stopping the rolling boulder by any cost. This project counts 30 types of structures and units that can be used for building the tower. Construction of buildings and hiring of units requires a certain number of in-game coins, which the player earns by destroying opponent’s buildings or “collecting” coins by rolling a boulder successfully.

There are a few basic buildings and units you can choose in Rock of Ages. The Towers are major obstacles that can slow down a rolling boulder. Troops or Units are basically the cannon fodder. However, there are a few types of units that can be used for more mastermind plans, like catapults and cannons that, unlike humans, may significantly destroy the opponent’s boulder. Thanks to these units you can even throw the boulder off the path to the abyss. Superunits is a separate type of units that can give the advantage to those players who prefer hiding and attacking from the nooks of the map.

You can play in a few different game modes when it comes to Rock of Ages. There are accessible such game modes as War. This is a single player campaign where you control Sisyphus. Players jump from one epoch like Ancient Greece or Renaissance. You will encounter numerous famous personas as bosses of each epoch. Among the most notorious bosses are Richelieu of the La Rochelle map, Napoleon in Madrid, Charles III in Porto, The Great He-Goat on the Witches’ Sabbath location, Chronos in Tartarus and even Plague.

This mode splits into offensive and defensive sub-modes. SkeeBoulder is the mode where you don’t play tower defense but just rolling around by hitting everything on your way and collecting coins. You are to roll to the hill’s bottom and go through a giant Skeeball target. Time Trial mode allows free roaming on a track without any obstacles or enemies. There are just pre-set houses and towers you need to destroy with as little time as it is possible. You can gather achievement from bronze to fold records. All players’ personal results can be seen at online leaderboards.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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