Rock of Ages 1


Do you often come across really funny games with a healthy share of sarcasm and madness, especially in strategies? Yeah, it is not a problem to find a funny RPG game but when it comes to RTS genre the choice is rather poor. That is why Rock of Ages 1 part may seem so refreshing, specifically if you have always giggled when watching the sketches acted out by the Monty Python group. It is full of parodies for real and unrealistic historic personas and events. Appealing to the famous Greek myth about Sisyphus who had to roll the ball to the hill and had to do it over and over again for centuries without any results, the game shows what could happen if this hero decided to pay back with a hideous vengeful plan. Sisyphus looks like a cartoonish character who is whining and acts recklessly. In order to hurt his bullies, he decided to roll the biggest boulders on their heads. Unfortunately for him, the kings, queens and other popular personalities don’t give up that easily and will fiercely fight back. Step by step, boulder after boulder you are to look for the weaknesses in the maps’ designs and bosses that you have to beat without fails. If you think that these battles are serious, think twice because all dialogues in the game are really funny and will surely make you love the story that combines totally different epochs and personas in the theater of the absurd.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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