Mad, bright, unreasonable but totally funny and entertaining – this is what you will think after launching the sequel to the Steam’s bestseller RoA. Even if you have ever played this game, you will easily catch up thanks to the simple, if not primitive, mechanics. Especially, if a person has previously played any tower defense game or RTS. You are to act quickly and in a smart way when rolling your boulder to the opponent’s tower or when defending your own fortress.

Nevertheless, after playing a few single player campaign’s maps, you should not leave Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder. Besides the relatively short storyline you may ask your friend to play the cooperative mode for 2 players on the same PC (the old school split screen mode) or find the unknown opponents (up to 4 gamers) in an online multiplayer mode. Beating a real human being is far more entertaining than playing with AI. Also, you can play every map without any opponents at all, aiming at destroying as many houses with a time limit. Getting golden medals per each map may take up a few hours since this Time Trial mode is really challenging. Keep in mind that your boulder destroys quicker if it crushes on bigger objects or walls. And if your rock is destroyed before crashing the giant doors of your online opponent’s fortress, you will lose. You are to calculate, and pretty fast, when the boulder must gain the maximum speed in order to knock out the tower.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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