Some Steam users have already named Rock of Ages as the Chilean version of the infamous PS2 blockbuster –  Katamari Damacy. ACE Team also create a mad game where you need to roll a massive boulde with sticking objects and destroying towers on your way. The previous project of this indie developing team – Zeno Clash – was also quite strange with ordinary fighting mechanics but remarkable creatures. However, as soon as you start playing you will understand that RoA is not that simple than these above mentioned titles because it is not enough just roll a ball. The most important thing in this game is not your reaction but the use of grey matter. You are to learn to roll a boulder from A to B points relying not on its speed or parameters but its path. Surely, at the end of the path your ball that is a size of 3 human beings should smash the enemy’s stronghold. With this boulder you need to push people through the ages. Sisyphus decides to perform the act of vengeance. Your rivals will be historical and pseudo-historical personas who also have their balls (hmm…) to roll. After a hilariously funny animated cutscenes resembling the crazy version of famous fighting games the pretentious battle of 2 giant balls starts. You can even see that your boulder has a smiling face. But you can see it only when the boulder stops. And there is no time to stop.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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