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Many players wonder if the game is still interesting and funny to play after 10 or 20 hours. The answer can be different for miscellaneous categories of players. If you are seeking the variety of mechanics, then probably you will get tired from the first part very quickly. To play with friends online or on PC it is also better to go to the sequel. The hardest challenge in RoA when playing not with AI during a single campaign but with other players in a multiplayer mode is to build your defense properly. You are to build your fortress very quickly, because the victory goes to the player who manages to hit his ball three times to the main gates of your tower. Surely, you can try to prevent this from happening by building a complicated maze having the barrels stuffed with TNT, war elephants, and banal walls. Such tactics work in 90% of all cases, especially if your online opponent has never played RoA before and thinks of it as another boring strategy in real time with tower defense mechanics.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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