During their official press release the developers from the game studio ACE Team emphasized that the release of Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder with cheats was inevitable since they do love this concept so much that they want to continue its development for good. And the sequel proves this point of view outstandingly. It goes beyond the concept of a simple RTS with physical modeling, but rather an artistic redefining the NES blockbuster – Marble Madness. Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder is the game where the Sphinx is basically a giant meowing cat and you are a boulder with the meme face that literally crushes the cultural heritage of humanity.
However, you won’t destroy everything just for fun but to help a giant Greek titan Atlas who goes through different epochs to restore the balance of the world. Another goal is to punish the most extraordinary and controversial historical figures. You will fight with them in a quite extraordinary way – by destroying the fortresses where they live. All you have when playing in an offensive single player mode is a giant boulder that should smash the gates of the tower at the full speed. The main difficulty is that it should run across the map with barriers built by AI or real opponents like giant fans, elephants with towers on their backs and tall walls that will slow you down. Simultaneously, you are to build the defense against your enemy because this is a strategy where each players takes a chance to attack during his turn. Basically, defense is no less important than offense in RoA 2. The more important is to earn coins for building really powerful and unbreakable fortresses. And then you assault again until the final victory. Boulders come in a decent variety. There is twice more of them compared to the first part of RoA. Most rocks can be colored in different funny ways, like officially you can play with Isaac’s giant head from the game The Binding of Isaac. Rolling the balls with friends will turn out to be even funnier than playing alone. There are matches 2 vs 2, free roams and multiplayer mode where 4 players can play until the one of them wins. SplitScreen is also presented – a very rare thing nowadays.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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