Bigger and Boulder


The best thing about the sequel of RoA ignores absolutely all popular gaming trends and still shows strong positions gaining the well-deserved love from fans. Being a hilarious mixture of historic references to real personas like kings and philosophers as well as appealing to mythological characters, Rock of Ages 2 will let you come across a number of interesting encounters from Adam and Eve to Nicolas Copernicus and Baba Yaga. Artistic style of the game very resembles the movies by Terry Gilliam along with the surrealistic comedies by Monty Python. This game may entertain and cause a smile but by no means look any serious historic references in RoA.

Speaking about the plot in single campaign’s mission in Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder, it surely differs from the first part. This time you play as Atlas Who accidentally dropped the big boulder from the skies to the Earth. The Ancient hero also descended to look for it because the balance of our planet has been disturbed. On his way to saving all of us he will meet such opponents as xenomorph version of Van Gogh, totally insane Joan of Arc and very angry pharaoh Ramses with a huge bump on his head. All these characters have their own reasons to be pissed with Atlas’ deed and you need to beat them all to bring some reason into them.

The gameplay of RoA 2 is hard to explain if you have never played the first one. You need to get used to the hardcore level of wilderness and madness happening here. There are more units and fortifications to choose from when it comes to defense. You have catapults, cannons and trebuchets and some exotic structures like whales, sticky cows (!) and balloons with irritating lions roped to them. Your main goal is to destroy or weaken the enemy’s ball to prevent it from smashing your stronghold. Also, you can try to build a maze to get the hostile boulder stuck in it at some point. It can be specifically funny if you play online or with friends during the party night.


  • Walk around
  • Jump

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